Glastonbury 2012 Down The Pan

Lack of portable toilets causes cancellation      19/10/10

Buying Choices

Festival toilets seem to be a universally infamous icon, something that a dwindling in their numbers would do nothing to help.

Well Michael Eavis has announced that Glastonbury 2012 is likely to be cancelled due to a lack of portable toilets. The London 2012 Olympic Games will take up too many of the country's porta potties, and because of the demand, prices are also likely to rise:

"We have our own stock of portable toilets but we always need more," Michael Eavis said. "We shop around with four companies to get the best price, but we are not bothering for 2012. There will be a huge demand for  toilets in London, so everyone will push up their prices and I can see it getting very expensive."

A lack of Police numbers is also cited as a troubling prospect for the festival. So many officers will be needed in London that it will be more difficult to secure the 600 strong force needed for Glastonbury.

Rich Beech




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