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US IK Multimedia releases Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS -The Official Guide      13/10/10

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IK Multimedia and Course Technology PTR, part of Cengage Learning and a leading publisher of professional, technical and reference materials, have announced the release of the official mixing and mastering guide for T-RackS software, Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS, The Official Guide, written by pro-audio author, producer and audio engineer, Bobby Owsinski. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
"Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS, The Official Guide" offers home studios, pro musicians and engineers a personally guided tour of T-RackS 3 software from studio legend, Bobby Owsinski. In this inspiring 192 page pro-audio guide, they will learn how to professionally polish their recordings and mixes with T-RackS 3 mastering software, giving them the techniques needed to achieve the professional sound quality required to finalize their audio productions – from studio to radio, podcast, television or feature film soundtracks.
Featuring T-RackS 3 software modules, this essential pro-audio handbook teaches musicians the full spectrum of all types of audio processing from the most widely used signal processors, as Bobby Owsinski demystifies the real usage of compressors, limiters and EQs, all while providing real world examples of their sonic effects. "Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS, The Official Guide" includes the crucial principles of mixing and mastering audio, with techniques such as: how to prepare the environment and mindset for mixing, and how to set up the studio for optimal monitoring. Not only that, but Bobby Owsinski guides the reader step-by-step and clearly explains the mastering world, providing solid advice on "gluing" audio tracks together to create the feel and mood that musicians and engineers want to hear from their mastered audio files and recordings.
Chapters Include: Mix Preparation, Monitoring, Using T-RackS Dynamics during Mixing, Using the T-RackS EQ and Metering during Mixing, Mix Buss Compression, Preparation for Mastering, Introduction to Mastering, Monitoring during Mastering, Metering, Mastering, Mastering with T-RackS 3 and Exporting Your Project.
Bobby Owsinski has this to say, "T-RackS is a simple yet powerful app that has all of the features you need to do a great mastering job. One of the things that's makes all T-RackS versions so popular is the warm analog sound that the processor modules provide, since they closely emulate the circuitry of some of the vintage hardware devices that many pros have come to love. Modeling the sound of a piece of hardware is not a trivial process, but IK Multimedia gets better and better at what amounts to a new art form."
Pricing and Availability:
Bobby Owsinski's new book, "Mixing and Mastering with T-RackS -The Official Guide" can be purchased directly from the IK Multimedia web store, or through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and from select IK Multimedia music instrument retailers and distributors around the world for a list price of $29.99/€19.99 (excluding taxes). More information:

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