Pro Audio Recording Tutorial On DVD

ASK Video releases first installment of The Studio Edge tutorial series      17/09/10

Pro Audio Recording Tutorial On DVD

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ASK Video are now shipping The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series tutorial on DVD, announced in July. Here's what they have to say about it...
This first installment, entitled Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound, is designed to give home recording enthusiasts the solid grounding in audio engineering and sound recording that are crucial to success in the studio.
"If you're starting to put together a studio and are feeling overwhelmed with everything around you," says Steve Kostrey, President of ASK Video, "let us help you out by teaching you the fundamentals of audio so you'll never feel like an alien in your own studio again."
The tutorial's author, Jim Pavett, provides a detailed overview on every aspect of the recording process, with hands on projects covering how to set up monitors, how to handle phase issues, and how to properly place microphones. Although there is some theory involved, everything is explained clearly, complete with hundreds of helpful visuals. Throughout the tutorial, Jim also provides opportunities for the user to get involved. Whether it's figuring out which frequency one's hearing tops out at, or moving around the room to figure out the best place to put the monitors, there are tons of practical lessons to try out.
The DVD uses ASK Videos proven user interface to present more than 3 hours of instruction divided into 92 high-quality video chapters. The chapters range from physics of sound topics such as Sound Waves, Ohm's Law, Frequency, and Phase, to studio concepts like Headroom, Compression, EQ, and Delay/Reverb as well as covering specifics related to studio gear such as Microphone Placement, Patch Bays, MIDI, Computers, and more.
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