Free Electric Reed Organ For Kontakt

US Audio Genetics Lab release Magnus Chord Organ      07/09/10

Free Electric Reed Organ For Kontakt

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Audio Genetics Lab has released Magnus Chord Organ, a free mini-library of patches for Kontakt 3.5 or higher. The Magnus Chord Organ was an electric reed organ widely distributed in the 1970s. The model that was sampled had 3 melodic octaves and 12 major and minor chord buttons. The sound is similar to that of an accordion or harmonica, however the sound designers at Audio Genetics Lab have created a straight sampled patch just like the original Magnus, an accordion emulation set (including a patch preprogrammed for wind/breath controllers), a string harmonics-like sustain patch, and a chip-tunes style synth bass and electro-perc kit.
  • Original Magnus Chord Organ sampled at 48k - 24 bit
  • Completely free to download and use in any works.
  • All original samples recorded completely dry with no reverb or FX.
  • Operation noise sample taken of just the motor running
  • All mutations derived entirely from Magnus source material.
  • Clunky key release samples are separately controlled (on/off and volume)
Full Patch List:
  • Magnus Chord Organ – Purist : This is the original, raw, library. No extra bells and whistles or performance additions, really. This is how 1970's New Jersey wanted you to hear the Magnus. Includes chromatic sampling of the melodic keys, and the lower octaves will play the 24 maj/min chords. Noise sample of the operating fan is sustained from B-1.
  • Accordionic: Some subtle changes from the Purist patch, this instrument more closely emulates an accordion. Mod Wheel controlled dynamics, subtle EQ shifts, and a bit of volume envelope can yield a convincing copy. The character-filled clunky key release samples can be turned off for a more pure sound.
  • Accordionic – RR : The same design as Accodionic, only with a simulated round robin, created by extending the chromatically sampled keys out to neighboring tones. If you are doing lots of repetitions, this may be a good alternate choice.
  • Accordionic – Breath Controller : Accordionic, but pre-programmed for breath controllers. Select your Breath CC source (defaults to 2), and play away. Turned off Chords yields an extended low range.
  • Bassadore 64 : Divergent genetic mutation. Retro synth bass. Have fun with the mod wheel as well.
  • MagSmack Kit: Another distant mutation. This electro-perc kit would be 10 years in the future from the Magnus, or 30 years back in our past.
  • Flagolets de Magnus: Sustain patch that has some qualities of string harmonics. 3x round robin. Adjust the front panel ADSR for more variations.
All patches require the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or higher (not compatible with the free Kontakt player) Pricing and Availability:
Free download More information:



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