Free Experimental Instrument For The iPad

Designed For Guitarists      25/08/10

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This video captures a improvisation with Mugician, a free iPad app that's designed for experienced guitarists.

It's designed to offer cutting-edge features, but designer Rob Fielding warns that Mugician is also intended to be experimental:

You are on a ride with my free app experiments, but I'm not ignoring the bad feedback! I want people to go out and gig with Mugician so that when I have a future version, I have a loyal audience to sell new apps to.

I did have the crazy ambition to, for many purposes, replace the guitar as the internationally recognized voice of dissent. Creating a subversive instrument that causes people to begin to play microtonal music is a little ambitious at this point, but a well executed touch-screen guitar replacement is certainly not.

If you're an iPad owner, check out Mugician and leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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