Minimal Systems Updates SupaVerb

Reverb For Windows      26/07/10

Minimal Systems Updates SupaVerb

Buying Choices

Minimal System Instruments has released version 1.06 of SupaVerb, an inexpensive reverb effect plug-in for Windows.

Here's what they have to say about SupaVerb:

SupaVerb is the fantastic new PRO Reverb module from Minimal System Instruments. It encompases everything a reverb should be. If you need a pro reverb but dont want to spend massive amounts of money then this is for you.


  • Completely customisable reverb.
  • Can be synced to tempo.
  • Controls for Pre Delay, Room, Damp, Min Time, Max Time, High, Low, Amp Curve, Time Curve, Stages, Width, Dry/Wet.
  • Professional GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.

Pricing and Availability
SupaVerb is available now as a VST effect plug-in for Windows for £9.99 GBP. A purchase of SupaVerb currently includes Ultimate 3 Band EQ, an equalizer effect plug-in.


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