Donate To Bob Moog Foundation, Get Erik Norlander's Latest CD

'The Galactic Collective' Features Moog-Heavy Sound      18/07/10

Donate To Bob Moog Foundation, Get Erik Norlander's Latest CD

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The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a new fund-raiser featuring the music of synthesist Erik Norlander

For a limited time, if you donate $25 to the Bob Moog Foundation, you'll receive a copy of Norlander's The Galactic Collective

Michelle Moog-Koussa has this to say about the CD:

"Bob handed off his technological, musical baton and Erik Norlander has cradled it in his hands, skillfully, lovingly exploring the limits of sonic expression and incorporating it into his expressive, epic music. Magic."

You can preview the CD and get more details at the Moog Foundation site. 


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