SNAMM10: Yamaha Launches DSR Active Loudspeaker Line

US New full range and subwoofer PA speakers make their debut      22/06/10

SNAMM10: Yamaha Launches DSR Active Loudspeaker Line

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Here's Yamaha's press release:
The new Yamaha DSR series, including the compact and lightweight full-range DSR112, DSR115 and DSR215, along with the DSR118W subwoofer, deliver class-leading power, digital sound processing, plus the all-new D-CONTOUR multi-band dynamic processing. When it comes to advanced acoustic knowledge along with cutting-edge digital signal processing technologies, no other company has the experience and expertise of Yamaha. Its this very unique 'corporate skill set' that allows the worlds leading pro audio manufacturer to announce a new era in active speaker design.
Targeting the quality-conscious sector of the active PA market, the new DSR Series feature an ideal combination of ultra-sophisticated digital sound processing and the latest acoustic technologies to create the best quality live sound experience.
The four new DSR Series active loudspeakers have been designed for use in environments where audio quality is essential. Live bands, entertainers, mobile DJ's, houses of worship and system installers will instantly appreciate this new audio quality along with the high Sound Pressure Levels that this combination of digital processing and acoustic know how delivers.
Internally the DSR series are complex
All signals are precisely handled by 48-bit internal processing. The unique D-Contour (Dynamic Contour) multi-band dynamics processor constantly monitors the amplifier output and intelligently varies the amount of boost in each frequency band, giving an ideal balance of dynamic sound with consistent clarity at all volume levels. The internal digital crossover networks use high-order Finite Impulse Response (FIR-X) filtering to ensure linear phase and time alignment accuracy while extremely powerful all-new Class-D amplifiers deliver up to 1300w of power with precision damping for a tight and crisp sound. These amplifiers are so efficient that convection cooling is all that is necessary - eliminating the need for fans. DSR loudspeakers also have Extensive DSP Protection which constantly monitors all aspects of the power supply, amplifier modules and transducers ensuring maximum reliability.
Impressive Acoustic Technologies
The main transducers have been custom designed to optimize system performance. A large 2" high purity titanium diaphragm neodymium compression driver delivers remarkably powerful, but accurate high frequencies while the woofer boasts a 3" voice coil contributing to warmth and a low frequency extension. The LTBD (Long Throw, Broad Dispersion) Constant Directivity Waveguide Horn provides 90 ° horizontal x 60 ° vertical coverage with full-frequency sound projected all the way to the edges of the coverage area.
Externally the DSR Series are versatile and easy to use
Even though the internals of DSR are complex, the practical operation and system setup is as simple as using any other active PA system. Rear panel connectors are XLR & _" jack (DSR112, DSR115 and DSR215) while the 18" subwoofer uses XLR with XLR thru's. Rear panel volume control and simple DSP switching is also accessible. The DSR Series models are well suited for a wide range of professional applications. The cabinets of DSR112 and DSR115 have a 35mm pole socket for pole mounting and integrated M10 suspension points for suspended applications with standard eyebolts.
The range consists of a single 12" (DSR112), single 15" (DSR115), dual 15" (DSR215) and the 18" subwoofer (DSR118W).
Pricing and Availability:
The DSR Series will be available in Europe from November 2010 and prices will be announced at that time. More information:

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