How To Use And Understand Microphones

US JZ Microphones publishes a guide book      16/06/10

How To Use And Understand Microphones

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JZ Microphones has added a book titled A General Guide to Understanding & Using Microphones to its accessories range. The book focuses on issues related to the education and knowledge for engineers and everybody who uses or just started to use the microphones. Here's the JZ Mics press release...
Having a general knowledge of how microphones work along with the different recording techniques available and knowing where to place them in order to obtain the best results is the most important part of capturing the sound desired. The purpose of this book is to provide essential information that will allow one to enhance their knowledge and audio engineering skills when it comes to using microphones from early beginning.
There are two ways how to obtain the book:
  • 1. It comes free of charge with every purchase of any JZ Microphones product.
  • 2. The book is available at JZ Store for everyone who is looking forward to have very compact and useful general guide to browse when setting up the microphones in the studio without surfing through the hundreds of audio related forums to find a kind of information the book provides. When the book is obtained at JZ online store every customer will have it signed personally by JZ Microphones Designer Juris Zarins. The signature will also include sincere wish to every recording enthusiast behalf of Juris Zarins personally.
The guidebook contains 20 pages of A5 size and it has three chapters. The chapters in this book explain what microphones are, how they work, the techniques used as well as some placement methods for a variety of different instruments.
In 2007 JZ Microphones was established in Riga, Latvia. After twenty years of designing several dozen successful microphones, microphone Designer Juris Zarins decided to redirect his experience and passion for design into his own line of handcrafted recording microphones. JZ Microphones are the combination of open-minded thinking leading to an innovative approach and great experience lending deep understanding of fine microphone construction. JZ Microphones combine all the elements critical to world-class microphone design; patented capsule technology, precision electronics and innovative industrial design.
Pricing and Availability:
$10 USD More information:

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