Podcast: SONIC TALK 177 - We're All Doomed

Music movies, drum gloves, Reason and Record, album sales slump      10/06/10

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68:24 mins

Back after a refreshing holiday, I'm raring to go - I've had no geek talk for two weeks!
With me are Mr Rich Hilton - back from gigs in Europe with Chic, and Dave Spiers from GForce Software -who's got another fabulous custom controller for the forthcoming impOSCar 2 release.

I'm also using a new mic this week in the form of the Lauten FC-357 condenser mic. A chunky studio condenser mic with -10dB AND +10dB pads, Omni, Cardioid and figure of eight polar patters. We're hoping to get to chat to its designer some time in the near future.

Our topics this week start with movies with a musical slant (not musicals), then we're on to drum gloves and the crazy drum antics of Rick K and the All-Nighters. Then its Reason 5 and Record 1.5 updates - for they are significant. A quick talk of iPhon audio input quality then how album sales have been trending in the last few years.

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