Tunable Bass Trap

US Vicoustic ships new Vari Bass passive, stand-alone, tunable bass trap      27/05/10

Tunable Bass Trap

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Acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic is shipping the latest addition to its variable acoustics product range. Vari Bass has been specifically developed to eradicate problems associated with low frequency resonance and is the first passive, stand-alone, tunable bass trap of its kind. Here's what Vicoustic has to say...
Bass frequency resonance is one of the most difficult acoustic issues to solve in any room. Using custom built bass traps can be expensive, offering little scope for flexibility if changes are made to the room, such as moving equipment or furniture.
Vari Bass is designed for use in any professional recording space, home studio, or hi-fi room. Made from wood and high-density acoustic foam, the bass trap can be tuned between 40 Hz and 100 Hz by simply rotating its wooden top (which has a series of resonant pots) until the problem disappears. A scale is included to show the exact frequencies on which Vari Bass is acting. The unit's stand-alone structure enables it to be repositioned as required and used in different rooms.
Vicoustic developer Jorge Castro is optimistic about the product's potential. "Everyone is aware of the problems caused by bass frequency issues and the amount of extra work involved in getting a mix right if those issues are not treated properly. We are very excited about Vari Bass. It's simple to use and really effective in those problem areas. Also, it's a solution that is affordable enough to be used in all kinds of recording and listening spaces."
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