SAE Selects Akai APC20

More than 50 are installed in SAE facilities as Ableton Live performance controllers      26/05/10

SAE Selects Akai APC20

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Akai Professional has been in touch to tell us that SAE Institute has selected the APC20 as its controller for students learning Ableton Live software. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
SAE Institute is a leader and innovator in training audio engineers and music producers with locations in the world's most influential music cities. Ableton Live software is playing an increasingly important role in SAE Institute courses because it is used so widely in today's DJ performance and modern music production. SAE Institute selected the Akai Pro APC20 controller to best teach students the performance capabilities of Ableton Live software.
Akai Professional worked in partnership with software developer Ableton to create the APC20. Adding the APC20 to Ableton Live transforms the user's experience from one of constructing tracks with a computer keyboard and mouse to composing and performing with a seamless, fully integrate hardware/software musical system.
The APC20 centers on its five-by-eight Clip Launch grid. This bank of multicolor triggers not only start and stop clips playing in Live, they also show cells' status in the software – whether a clip is loaded or not, whether it is playing or not, record-arm status and more. Clip Stop triggers, transport controls and faders round out the control surface. Users can switch the APC20's fader assignments between volume control, pan, sends and three different user-mapped modes. A new User Mode enables musicians to use the Clip Launch buttons to control instruments and the Drum Rack.
Because Akai Professional and Ableton designed the APC20 for use with Ableton Live software, the system is truly plug and play, although advanced Live users will appreciate that the APC20 enables them to remap every one of its controls to suit their own style. The APC20 includes the fully featured Ableton Live Akai Pro APC Edition and is also compatible with standalone editions for Live 8.
"I discussed the available options with our technical advisors, and the APC20 was simply the best solution," said Silvan Jongerius, chief buyer, SAE Institute. "The APC-with-Live platform has become such a standard in so many countries worldwide, and that made our decision easy."
"We are honored and pleased that SAE Institute selected the APC20 for its program,"
said Adam Cohen, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Akai Professional. "We are looking forward to the musical creations of the APC generation!"
About SAE
SAE Institute was founded in 1976 as the world's first audio school. It has since grown to become a network of around 56 colleges in 26 countries offering courses in Audio Engineering, Digital Film, Web Design, Interactive Entertainment and Digital Journalism. With 34 years of teaching experience, SAE teaches students the skills necessary for successful integration into the audio and media industries. The concept of SAE is practical hands-on training, combined with solid theory knowledge. SAE offers courses in Audio Engineering, Electronic Music Production, Web Design + Development, Interactive Entertainment, Digital Film making and Digital Journalism. Students have the option to progress to Degree programs, validated by Middlesex University, at SAE's dedicated Degree Centers around the world. SAE is the first step into a career in the future-orientated fields of audio technology and media production.
Pricing and Availability:
The APC20 is available from pro audio and musical instrument retailers. It has a U.S. Retail Price of $299.00 and an estimated street price of $199.00.
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