Podcast: Sonic TALK175 - Prunefinger Debut

US Water organ, Rebirth on iPhone, studio tales, film music etc and more      13/05/10

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71:53 mins


Another week blessed with studio guests - I really must get some decent multi-mic facilities for this kind of thing....
I'm joined by Andy Shillito - Front of house engineer for the Darkness, Craig David and others who's popped in on a rare day off, and also Dave Spiers of GForce Software - who must enjoy my tea making, he's here so often. On the line from the USA we have Rich Hilton - back from his Japanese trip with Chic as keyboard player. Mark Tinley also makes an appearance in the form of a couple of soundclips sent in from his iPhone as unfortunately time contstraints meant he could not join us live.


Today our first topic is the news of Rebirth on the iPhone and iPad - then we enjoy a cracking studio tale courtesy of Analogrules.com and ponder what we would have done in the same situation, the water organ of Steve Mann gets a lookin, and Nick recounts his experiences of the live film soundtrack of the Passion of Joan of Arc by Will Gregory and Adrian Utley. Finally we tackle the Future of Music as discussed by Thomas Wendt and friends.


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