System 6000 MKII Ships

TC Electronic's ultimate reverb and signal processor is now available worldwide      05/05/10

System 6000 MKII Ships

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Here's the TC Electronic press release...
TC's System 6000 MKII is now shipping. Launched to critical acclaim in 2000, the original System 6000 quickly established itself as the industry standard for stereo and multi-channel reverb and signal processing.
But a lot can change in 10 years, which is why TC has upgraded both the software and hardware of the System 6000. With System 6000 MKII, TC Electronic has effectively re-tooled a classic to remain the de facto industry standard for the coming decade.
What's new...System 6000 MKII builds on the immense power and refined algorithms that made its forerunner an industry milestone.
System 6000 MKII Rack unit:
  • System 6000 MKII can now be controlled and updated over a network or via wi-fi, making for more convenient and flexible installations and updates
  • Presets from System 6000 will load on the System 6000 MKII
  • Includes a new Matrix mixer for serious summing flexibility
  • Opens the door for new and much more powerful algorithms
Icon MKII:
  • Faster operation of touch screen and faders
  • Controls a variety of TC processors, not just System 6000 MKII
  • More connectivity
  • New silver finish
The System 6000 MKII is now available through regular TC channels, maintaining significant backwards compatibility with existing System 6000 units. The System 6000 MKII launch will also see the release of new and improved version 5.00 software. This version 5.00 software will run on older System 6000 models as well as the newer System 6000 MKII units, but please note that this is the last major software upgrade that will work on the older units. TC is offering all original System 6000 users the opportunity to upgrade their units at very competitive prices.
Upgrade path for original System 6000 users:
When developing System 6000 MKII, TC was very much aware of the legacy of the original System 6000. To this end, the upgrade path has been made as competitive as possible for those running System 6000s. Owners of the original System 6000 will have the opportunity to upgrade their System 6000 frame to full MKII specifications. The upgrade package contains the following elements:
  • Internal Hardware Upgrade: Board and component replacements make your original System 6000 into a fully featured MKII frame. The upgrade includes installation of new software and transfer of previously acquired licenses.
  • Brushed Alu Front: Your System 6000 is refurbished and upgraded with a stronger chassis and new, stylish alu design.
  • LM5D Loudness Radar Meter included: Mono, stereo and 5.1 meter conforming to new loudness and true-peak measurement standards, ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85.
  • One More License of Your Choice: On top of the LM5D, you are also entitled to one of the following licenses:
    • VP8: Film-grade, 8-channel pitch transpose processor
    • UnWrap HD: Industry standard stereo to 5.1 processor
    • Stereo Mastering: Ultimate stereo dynamics and mixing algorithms
    • Stereo Reverb: Ultimate stereo reverb and effects
  • Plus One Year Warranty: Regardless the age, your MKII will come with one year warranty covering the entire machine.
The MKII upgrade is recommended for all users of System 6000. Our current release of software version 5 will be the last for the original platform.
System 6000 MKII upgrades will commence from May 17, 2010.
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