MESSE10: New Amp Does A Trick Or Two

US Bugera launch the Magician 3-channel all-tube guitar combo      24/03/10

MESSE10: New Amp Does A Trick Or Two

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Bugera have unveiled the Magician, an all-valve 85 watt guitar combo amp with three channels, multi-class A/AB operation, varipower and reverb. Here's what they have to say about it...
The Magician is an 85-Watt all-valve guitar combo amp with three channels, multiple class modes (Class-A or combined Class A/AB), a revolutionary Varipower feature to control maximum power (1 to 85 Watts), switchable triode/pentode operation and extensive EQ control.
Select Pentode mode for punchy cleans or Triode mode for a mellower sound. Select Class A mode for a tone that pushes easily into overdrive, or Multi-Class mode to combine the Class A sound with the punchy tone of Class AB amplifiers.
All channels feature a three-band EQ (bass, mid, treble), and individual Presence controls to adjust high-end clarity. For further sound tailoring: Phat adds mid-range thickness to the Rhythm 2 and Lead channels, Shift affects the feedback loop and mid-range sound of the Rhythm 2 and Lead channels, and the Bright switch adds additional brilliance to the Lead channel. A 5-band graphic equalizer affects overall tone. The Magician features onboard digital reverb, a built-in effects loop and intelligent channel tracking functions, external switching inputs, and a MIDI equipped 6-button footswitch. It contains a custom-made Neodymium 12" Bugera speaker to reduce weight.
  • Hand-built 85-Watt guitar combo driven by 4 x 6L6 valves
  • Varipower control allows the maximum power to be scaled down to produce a cranked amp sound at much lower volumes
  • 3-channel preamp design (Rhythm 1, Rhythm 2, Lead) featuring 4 x 12AX7 valves--everything from purring blues to mind-blowing crunch
  • Multi-Class mode features either Class-A or combined Class-A/AB, blending Class-A purity with the raw power punch of Pentode Class-AB
  • Switchable Triode/Pentode operation for ultimate power amp voicing: Triode for classic warmth and Pentode for raw, high-speed power
  • Heavy-duty 6-button footswitch for channel selection, Graphic EQ, Reverb and FX Loop function included--doubles as MIDI IN / THRU for complete MIDI remote switching
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