MESSE10: Bass Combos With A Little Extra

US TC Electronic BG500 bass combos go beyond the conventional      24/03/10

MESSE10: Bass Combos With A Little Extra

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TC Electronic has expanded its range of bass amps with two new bass combos: BG500 115 and BG500 210.Here's what they have to say about them....
In short, 500 Watts of raw power has been combined with custom-built Eminence drivers, amazing tone shaping tools and an impressive list of ground-breaking features, making both BG500s the ultimate bass combo solutions at this price point. BG500 shares many of the tools that have made the revolutionary RH450 bass amp such a success. BG500 features the incredible SpectraComp™ compressor from RH450 that allows 'per string' compression that evens out the compression across all strings, creating a much more musical sounding result than any conventional single-band compressor is capable of. BG500's TubeTone™ effect has also been taken directly from the RH450 amp, and rather than replicating a tube sound using one small preamp tube, it emulates the characteristics of a tube preamp and true tube power amp section to deliver an unrivalled full tube sound. Yet another feature ported from the RH450 is the user-defined presets. Combined with stunning tone shaping tools, these presets allow bass players to create the tones they need and then switch between them instantly and seamlessly.__For quick and instant tuning, BG500 also features a fully integrated bass tuner that automatically mutes when activated, allowing for swift, silenced tuning. Furthermore, BG500 introduces the innovative TweeterTone™ control that allows front panel Tweeter control, as well as two new 'Contour' shapes that create warm and smooth tones instantaneously. Both combos are fitted with high quality Eminence drivers – the BG500 115 has a 15" driver and 1" tweeter, while BG500 210 features 2 x 10" drivers plus a 1" tweeter.
Quite simply, TC Electronic's BG500 bass combos offer more power, tone and bass shaping tools than any other combo at this price point. It's time to take your tone above and beyond the conventional. Main Features:
  • SpectraCompâ„¢ – Integrated virtual 'Per string compression' .
  • TubeToneâ„¢ – Painstaking recreation of both tube preamp and power amp tone .
  • 3 User Memories – Easily switch between settings to match different bass . outputs or playing techniques .
  • On-board Tuner – Integrated Bass tuner. Mutes output and allows silenced tuning .
  • TweeterToneâ„¢ – Intelligent Front panel tweeter control. .
  • 4-band EQ – Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, Treble. .
  • Contour – Two instant EQ shapes for up-to-date warm and smooth tones. .
  • AUX In – Stereo rehearsal input connection for Mp3 players or any other playback device .
  • Headphones Output – Automatically mutes speaker for silenced playing .
  • Balanced Out– Balanced XLR output for PA or Recording, tap signal before or after Pre- amp .
  • Power – 500 Watts (1000 Watts peak). .
  • Woofers – Two driver configurations: 1x15" or 2x10" Eminence drivers. .
  • Tweeter – 1" Eminence tweeter.
Pricing and Availability:
BG500/115: €595 List excl. VAT
BG500/210: €640 List excl. VAT
Available May 2010
More information:

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