MESSE10: Another Joe Satriani Stompbox

US Vox announces the Ice 9 overdrive - the fourth in the VOX / Joe Satriani signature pedal series      24/03/10

MESSE10: Another Joe Satriani Stompbox

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Vox has introduced the Ice 9 Overdrive, the fourth effect pedal created in their continuing collaboration with Joe Satriani. Here's what they have to say about it...
As with all of the previous VOX / Joe Satriani effect pedals, the Ice 9 has been created to provide a versatility of tone while meeting Satriani's strict standards. With two distinct overdrive modes, versatile tone-shaping and the ever-popular "More" switch, the Ice 9 delivers a wide range of inspiring tones, yet remains remarkably easy to use. The name is borrowed from the title of one of Satriani's popular songs on his smash 1987 album Surfing with the Alien.
The Vintage / Modern mode switch provides access to two totally different overdrive voices; each is designed to Satriani's exacting specifications using carefully selected components. The Vintage mode employs a special op amp and premium diodes to offer an overdrive that is sweetly warm and classic, with just the right amount of sparkle and sustain. In contrast, the Modern voice utilizes a Germanium diode to kick up a cutting-edge overdrive that is altogether new and aggressive.
The Ice 9 is voiced with both a custom Tone control and an extra Bass response knob. Although they both work together, each affects the tone at a different point in the signal chain. The Bass control adds extra bottom to the sound before it enters the drive stage, delivering dynamic low-end response. The Tone control shapes the sound as it exits the drive stage, offering even more sonic flexibility. Satriani worked with VOX engineers to contour the tone controls to focus on the most desirable frequency ranges of classic overdrives, while eliminating unusable extreme settings of some of those units.
The Gain knob can dial in any amount of overdrive from a warm, soft edge to a full-tilt onslaught. Working in conjunction with the Gain control is the Volume knob, controlling the overall volume level when the Overdrive effect is engaged. Stomping down on the "More" button kicks in a +14 dB volume boost that can cut through the mix in any situation.
About Joe Satriani
Joe Satriani is noted as a solo guitarist, producer and most recently as a member of the band Chickenfoot. Joe Satriani and VOX have previously collaborated on the Satchurator (Distortion), the Big Bad Wah (Dual-mode Wah) and the Time Machine (Delay) pedals. He is out on the road during the month of March as part of the Experience Hendrix Tour.
Pricing and Availability:
The Ice 9 will be available in June 2010.
£117 GBP More information:

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