MESSE10: A Closer Look At The Cakewalk V-Studio 700

US Cakewalk announces free eBook covering the ins and outs of their music production system      24/03/10

MESSE10: A Closer Look At The Cakewalk V-Studio 700

Here's the Cakewalk press release...
Cakewalk has announced availability of Cakewalk V-Studio 700: A Closer Look, a free electronic book discussing basic and advanced functions of the V-Studio 700, the ultimate integrated solution for music production.
The V-Studio 700 provides the best software/hardware integration and control available today. It combines SONAR 8.5 Producer digital audio workstation software with the VS-700C V-Studio Console multifunction control surface and the VS-700R V-Studio I/O, and comes equipped with the onboard Roland Fantom VS Hardware synthesizer, which includes ARX expansion capability.
Garrigus' 40+-page eBook is an easy to read overview on how to get the most from the V-Studio 700, and comes with numerous screenshots, tips, and tricks in easy-to-digest chapters and call-out sections in the style of the ...For Dummies line of tutorial books. It is available as a downloadable PDF, with embedded hotlinks for pursuing additional information on key topics.
The eBook covers everything from initial set-up of the unit in a home or professional studio, and covers many advanced topics.
Chapter titles include:
  • Getting to Know the V-Studio 700
  • Recording with the V-Studio 700
  • Composing with the V-Studio 700
  • Editing with V-Studio 700
  • Mixing with V-Studio 700
A page of V-Studio 700 links and additional resources is also available at the end of the book.
About the Author
Currently working as a freelance author and musician, Scott R. Garrigus, has been helping people unlock the secrets of Cakewalk's SONAR sequencing application and other music technology products for more than 10 years. He has been involved with music and music technology for more than 20 years and has taught people of all ages about the wonderful process of making music. He first got involved making music with computers when Atari came out with the Atari 520ST, one of the first computers with built-in MIDI capabilities. From then on, Scott was hooked. He pursued a career in music by attending the UMass-Lowell College of Music and earned himself a B.A in Music with an emphasis on Sound Recording Technology.
His first published article appeared in a 1995 issue of Electronic Musician magazine. His first book (called Cakewalk Power!) was published in 1999. Since then, Scott has written numerous books including the SONAR Power! Book series. In addition to books and magazine articles, Scott publishes his own music technology newsletter called DigiFreq (, which boasts over 20,000 readers.
Pricing and Availability:
Cakewalk V-Studio 700: A Closer Look is available as a free download in PDF format More information and download:

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