Software For Ear Training And Music Theory

US Avid release Auralia 4 and Musition 4      01/03/10

Software For Ear Training And Music Theory

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Avid has released Auralia 4 and Musition 4, new software solutions that they say provide musicians, students and educators with powerful, flexible tools for ear-training and music theory education. Here's more of what they have to say about them...
Designed for musicians of all levels, Auralia and Musition offer drill-based, interactive instruction through versatile but structured exercises, and give users instant feedback to their performance so they can achieve maximum potential. Both programs also offer comprehensive Solfège support, and include customizable syllabi from AP Music Theory and Trinity Guildhall. And for the first time, Auralia and Musition are available for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms with the same feature set.
Pricing and Availability:
Auralia and Musition are available now. They are English language only, and priced at $149 USMSRP each when purchased separately and are offered together as a bundle for $249 USMSRP. Student and multi-seat discounts may apply. More information and demo versions:

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