chipsounds Demo Available

US Plogue updates chipsounds video game sounds synth and release a free demo      19/02/10

chipsounds Demo Available

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Plogue has released a free demo version of its chipsounds software synthesizer. Here's what they have to say about it...
This updated version will finally give any PC or MAC musician the chance to try and enjoy all features of chipsounds.
Hear the sounds for yourself with the improved set of presets now covering an even wider range of classic video games sounds and tones.
  • Standard "parameter automation" for monotimbral use. (Multitimbral MIDI CCs still available)
  • Modulation settings don't change when you switch the underlying sound chip model.
The list of chips modeled:
  • 2A03
  • AY-3-8910
  • D1867G
  • DMG
  • P284X
  • SN76489
  • SID (6581 and 8580)
  • TED (new!)
  • TIA
  • UVI
  • VIC-I
The demo limitations are :
  • Silence after a 15 minute session
  • No Save
For current users, this new release will update your version to as well.
Pricing and Availability:
See website More information:

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