No-Compromise Nearfields

US PMC launch the AML2      16/02/10

No-Compromise Nearfields

Here's the press release from PMC...
PMC is pleased to announce the launch of the AML2 – The ultimate no compromise nearfield ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) monitor. The AML2 supersedes the legendary AML1 and takes the AML monitoring concept to new levels of audio transparency with an array of significant technical improvements that further improve its already unassailable resolution. These include new micro engineered, improved power supply board, enhanced cabinet structure and new eye catching cosmetics.
The upgrades amount to a drastic reduction in both electrical and mechanical noise reducing distortion to unparalleled levels. Extensive blind listening tests proved the new lower noise OAM1 boards that that feature within EQ circuit and replaced the original DOA's proved their worth with improvements to the soundstaging and separation in the mid and higher regions. The cabinet structure has been bolstered to include a thicker rear panel and the hefty power supply board is now supported with a series of large steel standoffs all of which reduces low level cabinet colouration and improves the robustness of the AML2.
The AML2 is as far from a 'me too' product as could be imagined. The AML2 design is one of 'no compromise' and the only way of achieve this exemplarily level of resolution is to design and manufacture the complete device 'in house'. The AML2 includes the outstanding PMC 6.5" flat piston woofer that is constructed from a carbon fibre / Nomexâ„¢ honeycomb. This allows for large, controlled linear excursions capable of producing an astounding 33Hz when teamed with a high compression version of PMC's ATLâ„¢ (Advanced Transmission Line).
The PMC 34mm, soft dome tweeter complete with acoustic lens, which is common to all the larger PMC active models, provides an immense, stable image. The two drivers are seamlessly integrated by hand built discrete, ultra low noise 24dB/Oct active crossovers and powered by audiophile quality class A/B analogue amplifiers. Both designs derive from the world's leading audio electronics designers, Bryston.
The AML2 provides a level of resolution and extension that cannot be matched and therefore is the ideal monitor for the quality conscious who will not accept compromise.
PMC's high compression ATLâ„¢ (Advanced Transmission Line)
  • Ultra low distortion and totally dependable accuracy
  • Identical frequency response at all levels
  • Phenomenal Mid field bass response from a nearfield
  • Ultra low distortion amplifier & crossover networks
  • 100W RMS LF amp, 80W RMS HF amp
  • Matching SB100 subwoofer for .1 surround monitoring
  • Easy access & accurate user controls
  • Fittings on base for wall bracket and stands
  • Magnetic shielding as standard
  • Custom speaker stands for optimised performance - Tube 104â„¢
Pricing and Availability:
See website for details of local distributor More information:

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