PSP Expand EQ bundle

sQuad now includes 6 EQ plug-ins      06/01/10

PSP Expand EQ bundle

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To celebrate the New Year PSP Audioware tell us that they have re-released and super-sized their PSP sQuad bundle which now includes 6 EQ plug-ins rather than the original 4. (AudioUnit, VST and RTAS for Mac OSX UniversalBinary and VST and RTAS for Windows x32 and x64)
It is free update for registered PSP sQuad users. New users can take an advantage of a Winter PSP sQuad 60% discount offer.
Here's the PSP press release with all the details...
The new additions:
  • PSP McQ which is the most versatile track equalizer in the PSP sQuad bundle.
  • PSP ClassicQex which is an extended version of the PSP ClassicQ
PSP McQ captures the sonic character and functionality of various classic console equalizers such as the versatile MCI console EQs. However, while PSP McQ was inspired by these analog classics, we added several modern features such as adjustable high pass and low pass filters, steepness (resonance) control for the shelving filters, optional bell filters for the low and high bands, and three nominal Q values for the midrange filters. We packed the PSP McQ full of musical features, such as gain following Q factors for the midrange bell type filters. By this, we mean that the Q factor of these filters gradually increases along with increases in boost or attenuation. The PSP McQ is especially suited for deep track tweaking in order to get a desired sound for a track, or to get great track separation in the mix.
PSP ClassicQex is an extended version of the PSP ClassicQ. All features of the previous version are available, and a new Low Mid section is added. PSP ClassicQ is inspired by various classic British-style equalizers. It captures the sound and flavor of famously musical high and low filters (such as those in early Neve EQs), melded to very precise mid-range filter. In addition, PSP ClassicQ offers a selectable simulation of class A circuitry and output transformer for a unique, vintage-style color. To its classic features PSP ClassicQ adds extremely useful features such as an adjustable high pass filter, switchable Q for low- and high-shelf filters, and a sweepable midrange bell-type filter. The design of PSP ClassicQ lends it especially well to fixing and shaping individual tracks. The fully operational NEW 14-day demo (doesn't require any hardware dongle) is available now on PSP's download page.
Pricing and Availability:
Free update for registered PSP sQuad users.
Until 17th of January 2010 PSP sQuad bundle is offered at the special price of $99* Starting from 18th January 2010 regular price $249* will be applied.
(*all prices exclude taxes)
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