Will Listening To Reggae Make You Smoke Pot?

Some Researchers Seem To Think So      22/12/09

Will Listening To Reggae Make You Smoke Pot?

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Can the music you listen to make you want to smoke marijuana?

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine say that it might.

They've found that teens who listen to music that mentions marijuana are significantly more likely to use it.

"Students who listen to music with the most references to marijuana are almost twice as likely to have used the drug than their peers whose musical tastes favor songs less focused on substance use," said researcher Dr. Brian Primack. "We also found that exposure to marijuana in music was not associated with other high-risk behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption."

Is It Really Cause And Effect?

The problem with research like this is that it doesn't tell you whether on thing leads to another, it just tells you that there's a correllation.

"Although it may be that heavy exposure to music about marijuana causes marijuana smoking," admist Dr. Primack, "it may also be that those who smoke marijuana seek out music with lyrics related to marijuana."

Do you think that listening to any type of music can control your behavior?

Or do people just prefer songs about topics that interest them?


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