Legendary Neumann Inspires Another Newbie

US JZ Microphones releases the V47, the first microphone in the JZ Vintage series      07/12/09

Legendary Neumann Inspires Another Newbie

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JZ Microphones has introduced the first microphone in the JZ Vintage series, the V47 which they say gives users a great microphone with legendary U47 sound, a unique double diaphragm capsule and a smart shock-mounting system. Here's all the details that they have sent us...
The new V47 vintage mic features original design in a flask shape with built in shock-mounting system and swivel mount which works as a perfect positioning option for all recording applications. It has double diaphragm capsule which is created using JZ patented Golden drops sputtering technology to achieve the best possible frequency response. The V47 has improved electronics according to the standards of nowadays market without losing the feel of vintage sound. Everything starting from capsule till small screws is made in Latvia, therefore JZ provides also 5 year warranty for each V47 purchase.
"The sound of the 47 capsule is one of the most favorite sounds in the recording industry since the middle of 20th century. Even in that time engineers found out quickly that the sensitivity of the 47 sound greatly enhanced the detail of their recordings. After many years in microphone business I have the knowledge and technologies to produce capsules appropriate to the highest quality standards. Because we are running out of vintage mics today, our company will offer excellent choice for every engineer to make recordings with well known vintage feel for reasonable price," says Juris Zarins, microphone designer.
JZ Microphones was established in Latvia in 2007. The company develops innovative modern recording equipment and world-renowned studio microphones. JZ Microphones are employed by some of the world's foremost music artists, producers and engineers. These microphones ensure rich, supremely natural sound, from personal studios to major commercial recording and broadcast facilities.
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