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US 4ms Atoner module at Big City Music      01/12/09

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The 4ms Atoner module is part processor, part generator. As a processor you can add a pseudo pulse width modulation effect to any source. It can also act as an analog pitch shifter, giving you one, two, sometimes three octaves down and some interesting partials in between . There's a simple filter (middle-left knob) that allows you to shape the tone even further. 

The Atoner also has a cool sounding full-frequency range digital oscillator built in. It doesn't track 1volt per octave but it does sound interesting. There are two CV inputs, both with attenuators. They're bipolar, just like your mom. 

The Atoner can be used as an interesting clock source, spitting out crazy rhythmic variations to your other modules. We're using the Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer to control our first source, the Malekko / Wiard AntiOscillator. Later we use the rs200 to control the Atoner's oscillator. We're using the super-awesome, must-have Borg Filter as a VCA / Low Pass Gate.




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