Virtual Instrument Player And Hardware DAW

Open Labs introduce Soundslate      30/11/09

Virtual Instrument Player And Hardware DAW

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Open Labs have introduced SoundSlate, which they describe as the ultimate virtual instrument player and hardware DAW for your keyboard workstation or MIDI controller, contained in a sexy 1U rackmountable case.
Here's all the details directly from Open Labs...
SoundSlateâ„¢ redefines music production and performance by incorporating Open Labs' music operating environment including the critically acclaimed virtual instrument host Riffâ„¢, 8000+ of sounds and effects, a robust audio i/o, and a powerful computer core running Windows XP into a 1U-ultra compact case that packs a punch.
Hardware DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
Professional music production for the price of a laptop. Ultra-high performance 24-bit/ 192kHz A/D converters (same as Pro Toolsâ„¢ HD 192 I/O interface). Make music right out of the box with 8000+ preset sounds and effects. Includes Cubase LE, Sonar LE, LIVE LE and much more!
VST Player
Open up your closed systems with Open Labs Soundslate. Turn your traditional keyboard workstation into an open system. Run any VST and get more for less out of your gear using Open Labs' Riff (VST hosting software). SoundSlate is the last hardware sound module you will ever buy
Pro Toolsâ„¢ VST Coprocessor
Add processing power to your Pro Toolsâ„¢ Rig. Play any VST with ease. Elegant integration with rackmount form factor and Controller II touchscreen. Get more PRO with your Pro Toolsâ„¢ using SoundSlate!
All-in-One Solution
Unlike all other dedicated electronic musical instruments and workstations, SoundSlate's optimized Windows OS natively supports virtually any music application or plug-in developed for a PC.
From Pro Toolsâ„¢ to Nuendoâ„¢, Native Instrumentsâ„¢ Kompleteâ„¢ to Spectrasonicsâ„¢ Omnisphereâ„¢, SoundSlate does it all with ease.
Make Your Workstation "OPEN"
Riff is an entirely new concept in virtual instrument hosting. Written from the ground up by Open Labs, Riffâ„¢ encompasses over six years of live performance and studio production knowledge gathered from some of the world's top artists, engineers, composers, and producers. Simply speaking, Riffâ„¢ is a multi-effect and multi-instrument rack for musicians and sound designers. It is also a VST host that runs as a standalone application.
Its advanced features include: Live Controlsâ„¢, which allows the user to create any number of virtual controls in real-time that can be mapped to various effects and other parameters. Advanced intelligence allows any number of virtual controllers to manipulate any number of other virtual controllers, providing automation for virtual instruments and effects. Rewire allows for this powerful host application to be used within any DAW program.
Riff allows a user to stream the ASIO or VST input signal through chains of individual VST effects so you can use your Open Labs instrument as a real-time multi-effect processor. It enables a user to play several VST instruments at the same time. You can layer several instruments to create complex sounds. Or, users may play instruments on different MIDI channels: It turns a computer into a multi-timbral sound generator. Open Labs Riffâ„¢ is the new standard in VST hosting. Split, layer and chain VSTs in any configuration you desire. Your workstation never sounded this good.
Own Every Sound
MimiKâ„¢ (optional) keyboard cloning software will clone the sounds of any midi equipped keyboard or hardware sound module. Put all your keyboards in SoundSlate.
Superior Support
Open Labs instruments are equipped with an Ethernet port, allowing access to the Internet via a broadband connection. Open Labs tech support can log-in to your system, and our online technicians can remotely view and diagnose any issue – while you are still in your own studio.
Pricing and Availability:
$1999 More information:

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