FourTrack iPhone App Update

FourTrack's new AudioPaste feature creates integration between compatible music apps on the iPhone      18/11/09

FourTrack iPhone App Update

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Sonoma Wire Works' FourTrack multitrack audio recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch 2nd generation has been updated to 3.0, adding powerful new features including AudioPaste, PromoTracks, and MasterFX. Here's the press release with all the details...
Taking the new Copy/Paste features available in the Apple iPhone software to a new level, Sonoma Wire Works has developed AudioCopy and AudioPaste functionality for the iPhone. This technology has been shared with members of the Mobile Audio Product Interaction (MAPI) Partner Program who are interested in making mobile audio tools work together to create the best user experience. FourTrack 3.0 has the ability to paste audio information from a growing list of AudioCopy enabled apps which currently include Sonoma Wire Works' InstantDrummer v1.1 (coming), Retronyms' DopplerPad v1.6, and Retronyms' VOX 3000 v2.0.
In addition to this new multi-app integration, FourTrack 3.0 now offers downloadable FourTrack PromoTracks from a variety of artists in several genres. Included in this first collection of PromoTracks are songs from Tommy Lee's Public Mayhem project, (, an exclusive song for FourTrack users recorded by The 88, (, a free sampling of content from Jason McGerr's InstantDrummer: Heartbreaker iPhone App, and more. Other artists are lined up to release PromoTracks in the future.
FourTrack 3.0 also offers new tools for mixing including two MasterFx: The Slammer (a program dependent compressor-limiter), and Freakenzy (a 4-band parametric EQ with pinch control of the Q-factor). Lastly, multiple performance tweaks, improved stability, and memory enhancements make this the best FourTrack version yet.
FourTrack 3.0 New Features:
  • AudioPaste - Paste audio from compatible AudioCopy apps including InstantDrummer v1.1, DopplerPad v1.6, and VOX 3000 v2.0
  • PromoTracks - Download individual PromoTracks from a variety of artists directly into a FourTrack song to add more tracks, mixdown with effects, export and more
  • MasterFX - Sweeten the sound of your recordings with a compressor-limiter and a 4-band parametric EQ
  • New Audio Engine - Improved performance, stability, and memory optimizations
  • Mixdown - Mixdown directly on the phone, with or without the metronome audio
  • WiFi Sync - Now includes downloadable stereo mix and individual tracks with song title automatically appended
About FourTrack
The FourTrack multitrack audio recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players and other musicians who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on their iPhone and iPod touch 2nd Gen. Plug in a microphone, arm a track, record, and repeat. FourTrack works with the iPhone built-in microphone or a headset mic. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be transferred to any desktop computer either by launching RiffWorks desktop audio recording software and clicking import; or by downloading the tracks with a browser, then importing them into any recording software (DAW). FourTrack is developed by Sonoma Wire Works, makers of RiffWorks guitar recording software, and by The Retronyms, makers of Recorder, the top selling voice recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch.
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