Five12 Releases Numerology 2.2

New features include a Pitch Glide option for easily adding pitch bends to monophonic sequences      12/11/09

Five12 Releases Numerology 2.2

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Five12 Inc. today announces the release of Numerology 2.2 for Mac OS X. Here's all the details they have sent us in a press release...
New features in this release include a Pitch Glide option for easily adding pitch bends to monophonic sequences, access to the OS X speech synthesizer, and expanded support for the Audio Unit plugins Volta from MOTU and SilentWay from ExpertSleepers.
The Pitch Glide feature in Numerology's MonoNote sequencing module allows users to easily add pitch bends to monophonic sequences. In addition to making it trivially easy to build class acid basslines, Pitch Glide can be used to create funky bass grooves, swirly synthesizer leads, extreme glissandos or just a little bend here and there.
The new speech synthesis option in Numerology 2.2 gives users direct access to OS X's powerful built-in speech synthesizer. Implemented through a new "Speak" option on the Audio Sample module, users can enter the text to be spoken and choose from any of the twenty-four built-in voices in OS X. The synthesized speech can be played directly from the AudioSample module, or loaded into any other sampler for playback and further processing.
Two new Audio Unit plugins released this year have made the integration of computer sequencing and analog synthesis much more interesting. Both MOTU's Volta and Expert Sleepers' Silent Way allow the use of DC-coupled audio interfaces for controlling almost any CV-controllable analog synthesizer without using a separate MIDI to CV conversion box. Numerology 2.2 adds built-in support for these revolutionary plugins by providing expanded audio routing options and direct conversion from Numerology's internal CV signals to the automation inputs of each plugin. The ability to directly pipe CV signals from Numerology to analog equipment without the resolution and data-rate limitations of MIDI greatly expands the compositional options available to aficionados of analog synthesis.
There are also many other updates and improvements in Numerology 2.2. A complete list of changes can be found in the readme file included with all Numerology installations.
Numerology 2 is a modular music sequencing and audio plugin environment for Mac OS X. It takes the step sequencing and modulation metaphors established by the analog sequencers of the 70's, and implements them in a structured and highly interactive software environment designed for experimentation, improvisation and live performance. By using Numerology in conjunction with Audio Unit plugins and hardware synthesizers, each user can create an open compositional environment that is truly their own.
Numerology 2 requires an Apple Macintosh computer with a CPU speed of 1Ghz or better, and 1GB or more of RAM, running Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later, and a screen resolution of 1024x768 or better.
Pricing and Availability:
Numerology 2 is available for purchase online from the Five12 Web Store for $119 USD. More information:

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