Combines Twitter & Audio File Sharing

Upload, Record Or Email Your Sounds      26/10/09 Combines Twitter & Audio File Sharing

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If you're a musician on Twitter, you'll want to check out, a service that combines audio filesharing and Twitter.

To use it:

  • Log in with your Twitter account
  • Upload a file
  • Add your tweet text
  • publishes your audio to the Web and sends a tweeted link to Twitter
  • You can log in later and see how many listens your audio clip has received makes it fairly trivial to share audio on the Web and on Twitter. It even creates an RSS feed for your audio posts - which means people can subscribe to your audio posts as a podcast.

I posted a short riff to and linked to it below, as an example.

If you're a Twitter user, try posting something to yourself, and then leave us a comment with your thoughts on it.


via Dave Smith's comment on our post about TweetMySong

James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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