Waves Previews New Stuff At AES

Waves showcases new product lines for post-production and mixing, plus new tools for live sound      15/10/09

Waves Previews New Stuff At AES

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Waves Audio has previewed a number of groundbreaking new products for post-production, mixing and live sound at the 127th AES Convention in New York City. These products include Waves WNS Noise Suppressor and LoAir, the first two entries in the new Waves line of dedicated post production tools; WavesLive MultiRack, a revolutionary software processing host for the live sound market; and Vocal Rider, an innovative new mixing tool.
Here's all the details directly from Waves...
Waves WNS Noise Suppressor
The first in the new line of dedicated Waves Post Production tools, the Waves WNS Noise Suppressor is a real-time multiband processor for fast and effective broadband noise suppression on dialog tracks. Suitable for both indoor and location dialog recordings by constant or modulating environment noise, WNS delivers superior sound quality with minimal artifacts.
Designed from the ground up especially for Post professionals, the workflow, approach, and interface of the WNS will be immediately familiar to Post engineers. WNS offers all the flexibility, portability, power and precision of software, like true Pro Tools integration, multiple simultaneous instances, full recall and full automation. And because all processing takes place in-the-box, there's no loss in sound quality resulting from I/O conversion.
Vocal Rider
Vocal Rider is the first of Waves' pioneering new series of Mixing tools. Vocal Rider is an extremely useful tool for mixers and recording engineers, automatically "riding" the levels of vocal tracks. Instead of manually riding the physical mixing console fader, or tediously drawing in every level change on a DAW track, Vocal Rider does it automatically, making it a true timesaver.
First, the user sets the target range of the vocal level in relation to the rest of the mix. Vocal Rider then compensates for all deviations from the target, intelligently raising or lowering the vocal volume. Unlike compression, Vocal Rider adds absolutely no additional coloring to the track.
WavesLive MultiRack
WavesLive MultiRack is the first-ever software processing platform conceived and created especially for the live sound environment. Now, armed with only a laptop, an I/O, and an iLok, FOH and Monitor engineers can sculpt their live sound with the same Waves plug-ins used in studios the world over. Capable of replacing racks upon racks of heavy hardware gear, MultiRack lets Live sound engineers run multiple instances of the world's best sounding compressors, reverbs, equalizers, delays, limiters and more, all at a mere fraction of the cost of comparable hardware units, and with the power and precision only a plug-in can provide.
The second offering in Waves' new line of tools for post-production engineers, LoAir is a sub-harmonic generating plug-in which creates LFE content or "rumble." This tool is perfect for sound designers who want to add dramatic effect to existing audio. LoAir consists of four separate components: Mono, for creating and enhancing subharmonic frequencies on existing LFE tracks; Stereo: for generating LFE content from Stereo signals (Outputs LFE or Stereo + LFE); 5.0 to 5.1, for generating LFE content from a 5.0 signal; and 5.1 to 5.1, for increasing subharmonic frequencies on existing LFE tracks.
Sound designers and post-production mixers alike will greatly benefit from LoAir. Waves is making this tool available following many requests from users in the post-production field. The first notable sub-harmonic generator for Pro Tools, LoAir is the only one capable of processing polyphonic audio content and creating 5.1 output from 5.0 sources.
Pricing and Availability:
Waves WNS Noise Suppressor, Vocal Rider, WavesLive MultiRack and LoAir will soon be available from authorized Waves dealers and online. More information:

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