New Multi-Touch Instrument May Make Your Head Explode

Or At Least Make You Drool Uncontrollably      11/10/09

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Christian Bannister's new multi-touch interactive visual sound break beat performance engine is a bit mind-blowing and difficult to describe with words.

Take what people are doing with iPhone apps and extrapolate it out five years, and it might be something like what Bannister is doing now.

Or, as Bannister says:

I have not been able to take the time and create a comprehensive description of the things that I am doing here but I will eventually get to that. I realize a lot of people will look at this project and have no idea what is going on. For the moment I just want to stay motivated and keep pushing things.

Bannister's multi-touch sound manipulation app explores using multi-touch gestures to manipulate sound and visuals in real time.

It's a work in progress. The latest features include:

  • 3D sound visuals for the texture of the sound.
  • Switching between song segments with controller (old Kaoss pad in front of screen) and no I am not using Live (yet)
  • Random color when new sound is selected
  • Integration of the joystick array (my Costa Rica project 2007.12.28)
  • Real-time effect controls (distortion, bitcrush, delay/feedback, timestretch FX)
  • Zoom and rate control of the sound
  • One shot effects on USB keypad next to the controller

So - who else wants this right now?


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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