Field Recorder Updated

Edirol R-09HR v2.0 software announced      07/10/09

Field Recorder Updated

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With the release of v2.0 software, EDIROL's R-09HR has been given a major facelift with many user-requested additions, including an on-board tuner, wave editing and metronome. Here's the EDIROL press release...
EDIROL were the first company to bring field recording to the masses with pioneering machines like the R-1 and original R-09. Now they are updating their award-winning R-09HR with free v2.0 software to include many features requested by their user base. The R-09HR has already taken the world by storm with its combination of high-quality recording, ease of use and extreme portability. However the new v2.0 software makes the unit an even more rounded and complete recording package, and includes some great additions for journalists, musicians, songwriters, hobbyist recorders... anyone, in fact, who needs to record the perfect take every time and in any place.
The first big new feature is on-board wave editing. This means that an external computer is no longer needed to edit R-09HR recordings as both Divide and Combine features are included. This adds a level of 'in-the-box' flexibility that will benefit all sorts of users who will now be able to create professional edits on location – wherever they are.
A new chromatic-tuner has also been added with two display modes. This is an ideal addition for the many musicians who use the R-09HR to record live performances. Now they can tune up with the R-09HR before they play and record the results, making the R-09HR the ultimate one-stop solution for all musicians. Also useful for musicians is the new built-in metronome function. Players can now use an R-09HR while recording to keep in time. And after the recording, it's easily to integrate the resulting tempo-based file with a DAW for further mixing and editing.
A new self-timer function completes the v2.0 additions. This useful feature enables the R-09HR to start recording after a predetermined time – great for rehearsals or if you want to place the recorder close to a lecturer for the start of a talk.
The v2.0 software really does enhance the R-09HR's performance and recording capabilities, turning it into a single box solution with huge benefits for performing musicians, producers and broadcasters everywhere.
The v2.0 software is a free download for existing owners and available HERE.
Key Features of the R-09HR
  • Superior sound quality – up to 24-bit/96kHz with lower noise floor
  • High quality microphones
  • New v2.0 wave editing
  • New v2.0 metronome
  • New v2.0 chromatic tuner
  • New v2.0 self timer
  • Ultra wide-view ability on large OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display
  • Preview monitor (small speaker) on the rear panel
  • Wireless Remote Controller included
  • Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator LE software included – the ideal software for PC-based WAV/MP3 editing
  • Improved design with firm battery housing and rubber-coated body for better grip
  • Small desktop stand included
  • Wide variety of optional accessories
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card (512 MB card included)
Pricing and Availability:
See local distributor for R-09HR pricing.
More information:

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