JoeCo BlackBox Recorder Wins Award For Innovation

US PLASA award announced for the new multitrack recorder      23/09/09

JoeCo BlackBox Recorder Wins Award For Innovation

Here's the press release...
The recently-released JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER has won a prestigious PLASA Award for Innovation. The revolutionary recorder for capturing multi-track live audio received recognition from a panel of industry judges during this year's PLASA Show at Earls Court in London. The Awards for Innovation are given to products which advance the industry by demonstrating a new style of thinking, improving technical practice, or taking a key step forward in terms of safety.
Designed to attach to the inserts of any live mixing console, the JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER captures up to 24 tracks of live audio at 24 Bit / 96kHz, without the need to have a computer at the performance. Audio is recorded in industry-standard Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB2, FAT32 formatted drive. (A 500 GByte drive will store approximately 20 hours of 24-track material at 24 Bit / 96kHz and over 40 hours at 48kHz). By feeding back the BLACKBOX RECORDER's outputs to the console's insert returns, any console is enabled to have a Virtual Sound Check facility. It is also possible to connect the BLACKBOX RECORDER to direct or group outs from the console.
Created specifically for the live market, a number of fail-safe features are built into the BLACKBOX RECORDER ensuring secure audio capture and uninterrupted signal flow throughout a performance. After recording, the hard drive can be plugged directly into any Mac- or PC-based Digital Audio Workstation for editing, remixing and repurposing, without the need for any file conversion or copying. For larger performances, up to four BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained, enabling the simultaneous capture of up to 96 channels of multi-track audio.
For JoeCo Managing Director Joe Bull, the PLASA Innovation Award represents the culmination of several challenging years of development in his search for a reliable alternative to computer-based recording in a live performance situation. "The desire to remove the computer and, more importantly, non-dedicated operating systems from live performances has been a quest for some time. Therefore, we are delighted to receive this award for innovation from PLASA. It's always been a belief that the live sound industry deserves to have machines which are specifically honed to its requirements, rather than being co-opted from existing studio technology, so we are just over the moon to find that the industry agrees."
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