JoeCo releases the Blackbox Recorder

US Multi-track, live performance audio capture without the need for a computer      27/08/09

JoeCo releases the Blackbox Recorder

We have run several stories on this one since January. Now it's ready to ship so here's the latest press release...
UK-based development company JoeCo Ltd. has announced the shipment of its first BLACKBOX RECORDER units. The revolutionary 19-inch, 1U rack-mounted recorder captures multi-track live audio (24 tracks at up to 24 Bit/96kHz) without the need to have a laptop or Digital Audio Workstation at the performance.
The BLACKBOX RECORDER attaches to the insert points of any live mixing console and records in industry-standard Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB2, FAT32 formatted drive. (A 500 GByte drive will store approximately 20 hours of 24-track material at 24 Bit / 96kHz and over 40 hours at 48kHz). The BLACKBOX RECORDER's outputs are fed back to the console's insert returns, enabling any console to have a Virtual Sound Check facility. Eight insert returns are also brought out to TRS jacks on the rear of the unit, allowing additional outboard processors to be plugged into insert points as required.
The BLACKBOX RECORDER can be installed at Front of House (or at the stage box) and operated by the FOH engineer. Ready to record just 10 seconds after power-up, its simple user interface and screen display enable the engineer to focus on the live mix, without additional distractions. A number of "fail safe" features are built in to ensure secure audio capture and uninterrupted signal flow at all times. For live recordings requiring more than 24 channels, up to four BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be linked together. Slave units take their commands from the Master, ensuring that all recordings are synchronous, sample accurate and start on the same sample.
After recording a performance, the hard drive can be plugged directly into any Mac- or PC-based DAW for editing and mixing, without the need for any file conversion or copying
The idea of a "plug in and forget" solution proved inspirational for developer and JoeCo MD Joe Bull in his search to find an alternative to the laptop-based rigs often used for producing live performance mixes. "The FOH engineer needs to concentrate on the audience experience without worrying about the live recording or the equipment that's doing it", he comments. "Capturing the essence of a live performance is crucial whether it's intended to repurpose the material, use it for analysis or just for archive. Studio time is expensive and making the files instantly usable saves on the re-mix costs. The BLACKBOX RECORDER achieves these aims simply and efficiently."
Pricing and Availability:
The JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDER will retail at £ 2000.00 (inc VAT)
Distributed in the UK by Sound Technology Ltd.
More information:

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