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US Advanced Integration updates for Cubase 5, MR816 CSX/X and CC121      25/08/09

Steinberg Updates

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A Cubase and Cubase Studio 5.1 update has been released simultaneously with new version 1.5 firmware, drivers and extensions for MR816 CSX/X and CC121 offering new features and capabilities. Here's Steinberg's press release...
Steinberg is pleased to announce that it has today released a set of updates to its software and hardware solution consisting of Cubase 5, MR816 CSX and CC121. The added capabilities include substantially extended control options for CC121, workflow enhancements for MR816 CSX/X as well as functional additions and refinements to Cubase 5. The updates further deepen the integration of the three components within the context of the Advanced Integration technology centred on the Cubase 5 Advanced Music Production System.
"This series of updates expands functionality across three first-class software and hardware products, reflecting the outstanding engineering expertise in digital production environments on the part of both Steinberg and Yamaha," comments Helge Vogt, Steinberg's Product Marketing Manager for Cubase. "This is a further step along the road of integrating software and hardware in ways that offer major benefits in terms of workflow, intuitiveness and sheer smoothness of the whole customer experience." Stefan Schreiber, Product Marketing Manager for Hardware at Steinberg, concurs, adding: "The updates and their additional features are also a direct result of input received throughout our ongoing interaction with our customers, in turn reflecting our full commitment to customer satisfaction and service."
The updates include new control options for the CC121 Advanced Integration USB Controller. The AI Knob now offers control for VST 2.x plug-ins, allowing ultra-quick "point and control" of any parameter accessible which supports use of the mouse wheel, speeding up workflow with plug-ins using older versions of Steinberg's VST standard. The CC121 EQ section has also seen a major update, including optional control over the eight Cubase 5 Quick Controls, allowing the first two rows of rotary EQ controls on the CC121 to control almost any Cubase project parameter. The lower four EQ encoders now offer control of Send FX levels for the selected audio or instrument track, adding a new layer of functionality to the already extensive CC121 repertoire. Refinements to the encoder resolution when controlling the Cubase Channel EQ have also been implemented, while folder tracks can now be opened and closed directly from CC121, aiding navigation through large projects. "These new functions make for an even more productive and intuitive experience with Cubase, giving more control and heightened flexibility," comments Schreiber.
MR816 CSX and MR816 X customers see additional metering and workflow enhancements, including faster access to MR settings directly in Cubase. The Hardware Setup menu has been expanded to offer more information and control within one window, and now features output level metering of each audio stream as well as additional control of the MR master volume levels directly from within Cubase. The window also offers a new Settings tab with direct access to all driver settings, further consolidating all functionality in one easy-to-navigate area. All new functionality for MR816 CSX/X and CC121 is included in the 1.5 versions of the respective software tools package now available for download on
As well as support for the new functionality developed for MR816 CSX/X and CC121 with the 1.5 versions, Cubase 5.1 also extends connectivity with Yamaha's MOTIF XS, which now supports use as an external instrument even if a FireWire connection is not present by using the MIDI protocol. Project Tagging has also been introduced to the MediaBay, allowing whole Cubase 5 projects to be tagged and rated in the same way as other media. The rating functionality has also been extended to all preset browser windows, allowing rating of all presets almost anywhere with Cubase 5. Audio Track presets have been expanded to include Input bus settings, speeding up workflow with Track Presets by automatically connecting to the most suitable input bus available within the current VST Connection setup. A range of smaller functional improvements is also included in the 5.1 update.
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All three updates are available now as a free download for all registered customers of the respective products. More information:

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