Six Plug-Ins For The Price Of One

US IK Multimedia's Summer Group Mix Promotion has been enhanced      14/08/09

Six Plug-Ins For The Price Of One

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IK Multimedia has announced that their Summer Group Mix Promotion has now been enhanced even further so that musicians, engineers and producers can now get an additional four free T-RackS 3 Singles plug-ins for the price of one, plus the Hall reverb plug-in from IK's Classik Studio Reverb package.
IK tell us that the promotion started on July 1, 2009, and in less than two months, over 2000 users purchased and registered their T-RackS 3 Single plug-ins, now making them eligible for six IK plug-ins for the price of one. Here's the rest of what they have to say...
IK's "Summer Group Mix" promotion is a community-based promotion where the benefits of participation increase for everyone as more people participate. From July 1st through August 31, 2009, when customers purchase and register any award-winning T-RackS 3 Singles plug-in from an authorized IK Multimedia Retailer or IK's online store, they immediately receive four T-RackS 3 plug-ins free as a download from their User Area, plus a CSR Hall plug-in from the Classik Studio Reverb plug-in suite. That's 6 plug-ins for the price of one!
This gives the participants a value of over $550/€450 worth of plug-ins for only $99.99/€74.99!
Over 83% worth of savings - effectively $16.66/€12.49 each! All prices exclude taxes.
About T-RackS 3 Singles:
T-RackS 3 Singles are the individual processors from the award-winning T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mixing and Mastering Suite that operate as individual plug-ins. This provides additional flexibility and more importantly, better sounding mixes when used during the mixing process. Additionally, T-RackS 3 Singles integrate into the T-RackS Standard processor 12-slot architecture, allowing users to purchase and use individual processors on an "as needed" basis for mixing, and build a high-end mastering chain of great sounding plug-ins at the same time.
T-RackS 3 Singles include:
  • Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter model 670
  • Vintage Tube Program EQ
  • Opto compressor
  • Brickwall limiter
  • Linear Phase Equalizer
  • Classic T-RackS Compressor
  • Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter
  • Classic T-RackS Clipper
  • Classic T-RackS Equalizer
  • Complete Metering Suite
About Classik Studio Reverb – HALL
CSR offers high-quality, musical reverb processing with the flexibility previously available only in extremely expensive signature hardware reverb units. It carries the quality and character that top engineers have utilized for years. CSR's HALL reverb plug-in has been designed for ease of use with advanced editing features. With the look and feel of a typical effects rack on the interface, all the necessary controls are laid out for an immediate great sound. All knobs and macro controls can be automated through your host's sequencer.
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