Moog Celebrated

US Waves of Inspiration: The Legacy of Moog is a forthcoming exhibition at The Museum of Making Music      24/07/09

Moog Celebrated

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The Museum of Making Music and The Bob Moog Foundation have announced Waves of Inspiration: The Legacy of Moog, a special exhibition to run from August 29, 2009 – April 30, 2010 at the Museum's facilities in Carlsbad, California. The exhibit is the first of its kind, marking the first public display of the artifacts from Bob Moog's archives.
The exhibition, which highlights the inventor's career and the impact that it had on the world of music, will feature rare vintage synthesizers and other related Moog instruments and memorabilia from the Bob Moog Archives and from various private collections. A custom video presentation created by Moog historian and exhibit consultant Brian Kehew will form a central part of the exhibit. The exhibit will explore the numerous musicians, engineers and colleagues who played a vital role in the evolution of the Moog sound and the relationship between and the inventor/toolmaker and the musician, as well as the genesis of a variety of musical interfaces.
The instruments featured in the exhibit will trace the history of Moog's work. The exhibit begins with vintage theremins and a prototype of the first modular synthesizer which originally belonged to Herb Deutsch, an experimental music composer from Long Island whose 1963 meeting with Dr. Bob Moog would help define the synthesizer as a musical instrument, and set a course for the future of electronic music. Other excellent examples of modular instruments from the late 1960s and early 1970s will be on exhibit, most notably Keith Emerson's famous "Monster Moog" will be featured for the first time as a part of the museum display.
The exhibition will highlight and explore crucial steps that were taken in the advancement of the Moog synthesizer during the years following the development of the modular system. The display will showcase a sequence of models that led to the emergence of more compact instruments, such as the Minimoog. The main impetus behind this tremendous work was Moog's vision to create a portable electronic music studio on which musicians could compose and perform.
The opening weekend (August 28 -30) will kick off with a launch of the Moog exhibition featuring intimate musical performances by Keith Emerson and Erik Norlander and talks by Larry Fast and Brian Kehew.
Tickets for the opening weekend events can be purchased on the Museum's website beginning August 3, 2009. The Museum is planning an array of exciting programming throughout the seven-month exhibition with panel discussions featuring people who collaborated with Moog throughout his lifetime, and concerts featuring top synthesists. The ultimate goal of this exhibition and its programs is to highlight Moog's career while celebrating synthesis as a whole.
This exhibition is funded in part by The Norris Foundation.
In collaboration with The Bob Moog Foundation.
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