Tara Busch Pilfershire Lane Limited Edition Boxset

Metal synth push out gizmo with sampler      16/07/09

Tara Busch Pilfershire Lane Limited Edition  Boxset
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Tara Busch's eagerly awaited new relase Pilfershire Lane has finally hit the streets and in some style too. To celebrate the relase, there's a strictly limited edition (100 only) box set - which  has been put together with Tummy Touch Records  under the direction of Tara Busch and Maf Lewis - who were given free reign to come up with something really special. When they visited Sonic State Towers a few weeks ago, they were really excited about what they'd come up with and with good reason.
The resulting Sophomore Edition Box Set contains:

** CD Copy of Tara Busch’s debut solo album, Pilfershire Lane, with deluxe digipack cover.

** A 7" x 7" stainless steel mini popup stage set. This includes working microphone, speaker and circuit with record and play feature. The set comes with popup Korg MS-20 and Minimoog, but also included are interchangeable stainless steel face plates for the Buchla 200e, MacBeth M5, Analogue Solutions Vostok, ARP Odyssey, Micromoog and Moog Etherwave Theremin.

** A 100th cut strip of a 16MM B&W film created specifically for the box set. This 16mm movie is the only copy that will ever exist and is cut equally between the 100 boxes.

** An original one-off Polaroid 600 picture of Tara taken at her studio in Los Angeles.

** Certificate Of Authenticity signed and numbered by the artist

** All in a beautifully made 7" × 7" x 2" rigid cardboard box.

But if you want one, your going to have to move fast, coz it's strictly on a first come, first served basis.
All units are Free Shipping,  anywhere in the world, and payment can be made via credit/debit or PayPal - right here:
Buy it here
I saw this earlier in the Summer when Tara and Maf came to visit, and it's lovely - I just ordered  mine!




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