Celebrate The Solstice With Avant Garde Electroacoustic Music

Or Maybe Not......      02/07/09

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Ever wonder how experimental electroacoustic performance artists celebrate the holidays?

Wonder no more!

This video captures a performance of String Theory by The Crank Ensemble, for an annual Solstice celebration.

This features Bronwyn Ximm as "stimulator", with Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Mark Brest van Kempen, Vicki Olds and Bodil Fox as "tuners", with Mary Behm-Steinberg as "knitter".

In the performance, sound is generated by placing piezo contact microphones on nylon string, and embedding them in knitting needles.

And then dancing around the strings and biting them. Nom Nom Nom.

The performance is wildly creative, but will also probably strike most people as profoundly silly.

What do you think? Is this any way to celebrate the Solstice?

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