Roland Clan Increases Web Presence

US The Roland Clan community website gets completely redesigned      30/06/09

Roland Clan Increases Web Presence

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The Roland Clan community website has been completely redesigned. Here's the press release that they sent us...
The Roland Clan team is very proud to present you the all-new version of the Roland Clan website. Our worldwide community was founded in 2003 in order to let all Roland users around the world access lots of information from a single place and freely communicate with each other in a very friendly atmosphere. With over a year of development, the new site takes all of these great things to another level, packing lots of cool features into a very elegant design.
The core of the new site is the "library", which replaces the multiple gear information and downloads sections we had previously. It is incredibly cleanly laid out, with quick access to patches, samples, tutorials and important links all from one single page.
But the best part of the library is the "gear finder" which allows you to search for Roland instruments that have the exact features you need. Much like you'd ask a salesperson in a music store, tell the gear finder what you wish to have - say, a tabletop device which has a sampler, effects and a pattern sequencer - and you get a selection of models that have them. It works brilliantly well and will save tons of time for musicians that have a problem choosing the right gear.
This new section is made to ease the procedure of finding third-party products for Roland instruments. Things like books, video manuals, sound libraries as well as memory expansions and storage devices are now associated with each model and point directly to related information on the manufacturers' websites. Now you'll easily find out how to max out your possibilities.
There is also good news for those who have an iPhone or iPod touch. When you visit the Roland Clan, it automatically serves you a compact site version specifically optimized for Apple's mobile platform. So now you can enjoy Roland Clan from just about anywhere.
Forum improvements
Up until today, the Roland Clan forums were detached from the main website. But now, in addition to a mild facelift and simplified menus, the forums become integrated with the rest of the site sections for much easier navigation. Maximum attachment size has also been increased to 10 megabytes, which allows members to post music and sound demos in higher quality. And YouTube links are now automatically transformed into embedded video players.
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