Podcast: Sonic TALK131 - Tap Tempo Changed Everything

Mechanicals, virtuals, models and WolframAlpha      28/05/09

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59:24 mins

Back to our usual time this week, with my two guests, both from the other side of the pond in the form of PJ Tracy EMMY winning composer and musician from Minneapolis, and Rich Hilton - keyboard player with disco legends Chic and co worker with Nile Rodgers. We start with a couple of mechanical oddities from the Mobius Strip music box, and the bizarre mechanical drum machine from James Taylor, we then move on to the Synplant - an organic instrument from Sonic Charge, Lady GAGA introduces the Virus Ti use in pop and also which instruments are currently dominating music, a quick chat about the Dragon MIDI controller and the ChineeSheng 3000 year old party instrument kicks off a discussion about the art of modeling and sampled instruments in general. Lastly we look at the WolframAlpha search engine and then Rich tells us all about his new M-Audio Axiom Pro. Show Sponsors
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