Yamaha Motif V 1.50 Update

US Audio recording, custom UI designs and more      19/05/09

Yamaha Motif V 1.50 Update

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As Yamaha say themselves in their official press release: "Product support is essential", and so Motif users will no doubt be delighted that the new free OS upgrade for the Motif XS adds a number of requested features to their flagship workstation. In addition, there's a new version of the Xseditor for both PC and Mac as the version 1.2.1 which integrates via VST3 into the DAW *assuming you are not in an AU only one of course, but from within Cubase, you can edit and save hardware setups within Cubase in just the same way as other VST software instruments. In addition the VST3 editor allows you to search for, listen and play MOTIF XS voices from within Media Bay in Cubase - hardware working seamlessly within software.
    MOTIF XS v1.50 Features
  • - With the newly added Audio Record / Play function, you can now record your performances on the MOTIF XS as WAV-format audio files (44.1-kHz, 16-bit, stereo) on a USB storage device or a computer connected via a network.
  • - Whenever using the [F1] File display of the File mode to transfer files to or from a USB storage device or a networked computer, the new Audition function makes it easy to preview WAV or AIFF files before importing them into the MOTIF XS.
  • -The Cursor up/down buttons can now move the cursor in the Directory list, Sharing Point list and Device list of the File mode. Also, the Cursor left/right buttons can move the cursor from or to the list box in the display of the File mode. Pressing the Cursor left button moves the cursor up, and pressing the Cursor right button moves the cursor down.
  • -The Sampling Main display now contains a list of the Key Banks that make up the selected Waveform. In this display, the Cursor [<]/[>] buttons can now move the cursor up/down.
  • -You can now edit the following parameters of the [F2] Parameter display in the [F1] Trim display from Sampling Edit. Level, Pan, Coarse Tune, Fine Tune, Play Mode, Key Range, Velocity Range
  • -The initial settings of the "Play Mode" have been changed from "one shot" to "loop" in the [F1] Trim display of the Sampling Edit mode.
  • -When you press the [SF4] Apply button from the Sampling mode to temporarily modify data, it will be replaced with a Cancel button.
  • -Sequence data bars on the Song Play Track View display now indicate the relative pitches of note events with higher-pitched notes being displayed at a higher position.
  • -You can now customize MOTIF XS displays using file sharing functionality via a network.
  • -A message "Press [ENTER] to set." now appears in the Input Character window.
The v1.50 release is also supported with a new utiliy, the UI template selector, which allows for customisation of the display designs through templates. The UI Template selector enables templates to be transfered using the network file-sharing function or a USB-flash memory device. All the stuff can be downloaded for free at:
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