Digidesign Live Desk For Smaller Setups

US Venue SC48 integrates with ProTools LE      07/05/09

Digidesign Live Desk  For Smaller Setups

You may have seen the feature we shot on the features of the Digidesign Live consoles from last years Musik Messe – if not, please do, it's amazing what these desks are capable of. Well now Digidesign have created a new, smaller Venue SC48 live console which brings this more inline with smaller venues, touring acts and the like. The desk interfaces with ProTools LE enabling live recording and Live SoundCheck features – essentially, you can play back last nights gig into the same channels to setup the PA, line check and tweak – saving valuable time for the talent who can be promoting the gig, doing interviews, drinking to excess etc.
According to the PR from Digidesign: The console introduces several groundbreaking features designed to enhance and streamline the mixing process including:
  • Professional Plug-In Support enables customers to install and use software plug-ins from Digidesign and a number of third party developers to easily and instantly re-create and recall an artist's signature studio sound during a "live" performance.
  • Direct Connection to Pro Tools LE® makes it simple to record shows and perform Virtual Soundcheck: a timesaving process that enables customers to playback and mix tracks recorded from a previous performance using a computer connected via VENUE SC48's built-in USB port.
  • Channel Control allows easy access, display and adjustment to any channel parameter with the single click of a button. In addition, any eight parameters can be assigned to the color-coded framework for immediate access during the mix.
  • Center Flex Channel provides immediate access to any key input, such as a lead vocalist's microphone, without having to go through fader layers.
  • VCA and Group Spill provides easy control and quick access to grouped channels within a mix by focusing the control surface layout to match the logical groupings created by VCA and Group style mixing.
Tex Schenkkan, Avid's vice president and general manager, audio, had this to say, "We realize that our wide spectrum of customers have different requirements. With the VENUE SC48, we've been able to advance our popular VENUE platform to meet the specific needs of customers in smaller to mid-sized applications, at an aggressive price point. By expanding the current portfolio of the VENUE product family, the solution's open plug-in architecture also enables our customers to integrate the console with industry-leading creative tools, enhancing the live sound experience."
  • Fully integrated console offers built-in I/O for stage and ancillary sources, DSP, and tactile control for ultimate portability
  • Compact footprint fits small- to mid-size clubs, houses of worship, theaters, corporate events, and more
  • First-rate VENUE sound quality provides amazing audio clarity in any room
  • Supports professional audio plug-ins for creating studio-quality mixes live
  • Pro Tools LE FireWire interface and software included for audio recording and playback system connection
  • VENUE D-Show® software, the industry's easiest, most comprehensive control software
  • 48 analog mic/line XLR inputs, 16 analog line outputs (expandable to 32)
  • Single expansion slot for maximizing output count or adding A-Net® connectivity
  • 16 Aux Sends, 8 Groups, plus 8 mono matrixes (linkable as up to 4 stereo matrixes)
  • Choice of Left-Right plus Mono or Left-Center-Right Mains bus configuration
  • 26 touch-sensitive, motorized faders: 16 input, 8 output master, 1 Flex Channel, and 1 Mains
  • 16 assignable, push-switch rotary encoders with multi-segment LED rings enable immediate access to key parameters
  • Additional I/O, including talkback, analog and digital 2-track, GPI, MIDI, and Word Clock
Unfortunately, pricing information isn't widely available, you'll need to contact your local Avid dealer to get the full skinny.
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