MESSE09: Reverse Engineer Your Music

Prosoniq announce sonicWORX • Pro Audio Editor      01/04/09

MESSE09: Reverse Engineer Your Music

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Prosoniq tell us that sonicWORX • Pro uses the latest advances in Digital Signal Processing to split audio signals into its components allowing you to view and edit audio based on the actual sounds present within the mix. Here's what they have to say about it...
Working in tandem with intelligent pattern detection used for signal separation and realtime mouse-over preview our innovative high-resolution time-frequency transform technology helps to quickly identify, select and isolate interesting features in a mix, such as individual notes, instruments and voice. An incredibly versatile tool that allows both micro-editing as well as easy suppressing, extracting or processing instruments within a mix for remixing, mastering or restoration. sonicWORX • Pro is a totally new approach to audio editing. This brand new successor to our well known sonicWORX series of products originally released in 1994 has been specially designed to do micro-surgery on entire musical pieces with the complete toolset for reverse engineering a final mix. Designed to be used with harmonically complex material sonicWORX • Pro allows extracting as well as suppressing individual notes and instrumental or vocal components from a recording at the click of a button.
Intelligent Pattern Tracking
Isolating or suppressing voice or instruments in a mix is very difficult, given the inherent complexity of tracking overlapping signals and interference from drums and other out-of-band components. sonicWORX • Pro overcomes this by utilizing a proprietary pattern tracker that automatically unmasks and groups harmonic features thereby minimizing interference from other instruments as you draw your selection. This lets you select all components in a sound at once and gets you cleaner results right from the start without having to manually fine tune every single note in a subsequent pass.
See beyond the signal
sonicWORX • Pro utilizes an entirely new high precision time-frequency transformation which delivers resolution down to millihertz accuracy displayed on a convenient, note based scale. Not only is this representation strikingly beautiful to look at, it also helps you make out important features such as harmonics and even signals covered in noise. What's more, our transform uses statistical properties of the signal to measure noisiness as a function of frequency: everything that's noise is colored blue, while ordered (harmonic) signals are tinted yellow. No more looking at blurry FFT spectrograms that leave you wondering if what you are editing is really there, or just a discontinuity in the graph.
Non-stop editing - within the original musical context
sonicWORX • Pro makes full use of multiple processor cores on your system. Almost every single aspect of this application has been designed to run in parallel and in the background to let you keep working instead of having to wait for a specific task to finish. For instance, when opening a new audio file the analysis is carried out entirely in the background which allows you to immediately begin editing the portion of the song that has already been analyzed.
See your music!
The color bar at the bottom of the window color codes the spectrum of your signal. This helps you immediately recognize and navigate to similar sounding parts in your music.
When you move the mouse over the color bar the current sound is played back suspended in time. So, by moving your mouse about the color bar you can quickly identify both visually and acoustically where you're at in your song.
More DSP
But wait, there's more - we're just getting started: sonicWORX • Pro, like all products in the sonicWORX series, offers an extensive list of DSP modules such as De-Noising, De-Clicking and reverb suppression. If you have worked with version 2.x of sonicWORX in the past you already know our powerful algorithms. We've upgraded and optimized them for today's processor architecture and included them in this new edition of our flagship product.
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