Free Music Production & Mixing Web Conference

Hosted by Computer Music Production School Thursday 19th March      18/03/09

Free Music Production & Mixing Web Conference

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Over 7 years ago the Computer Music Production School, then known as Blue Sound Studios, hosted the first free songwriting workshops in Atlanta. Now they're taking these workshops to everyone in the globe and expanding them into a music business, music production, mixing and mastering web conference. Here's what they have to say in their press release...
The next Free Music Conference hosted by the Computer Music Production School is Thursday March 19th at 7pm EST. The Web Conference Location is via phone and internet with live chatting. To attend Call 219-509-8333; Use Access Code: 899583 on Thursday, March 19th at 7pm to 8pm EST.
Student advisor Edward Unger and student Michael Thomas will discuss what's more important: A great mix or a great music production? They will be chatting live and answering questions. The free music conference will be held via phone and through the internet at the Computer Music Production School's music networking site.
The Computer Music Production School is not your ordinary Music College, Music School or Alternative Music School. They offer a Music Production & Audio Engineering Music Course that can be taken in as little as 7 weeks, 7 months or as long as each student needs.
The music school is 100% interactive using a combination of methods including online access, phone and email. Unlike a video tutorial, a manual or traditional schooling, it is setup so each student can learn with any combination of studio equipment, hardware or software available. Students are able to reference the course for the rest of their life. They also have a student advisor give one on one consulting and support on writing, producing, recording, mixing, mastering and setting up a music business through the entire course.
The Computer Music Production School offers Basic Music Theory, Piano Lessons, Ear Training, Sound Design, Compression, EQ, Effects, Outboard Gear and Plugins, Mixing and Mastering, Starting your Music Business, Marketing and Promotion training.
At the end of this course students will be able to work out of any studio, figure out any gear, write, record, produce, mix and master their own material to the 'radio ready' industry standard level, with their own equipment, within a few hours - Guaranteed.
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