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US AxePort Pro Contest announced and new corporate website launched      17/03/09

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CEntrance, the manufacturer of MicPort Pro and AxePort Pro, the portable tools for recording voice and instruments to computer, have debuted a new corporate website and the AxePort Pro Video Contest. Here's what they have to say in their own words...
The content-rich website features product testimonials and audio samples recorded by leading studio musicians. The audio samples make it easy to hear the clear sonic advantages of the MicPort Pro and AxePort Pro over more expensive products from larger manufacturers. Visitors can hear for themselves why the BBC, CNN, NBC, leading voice over artists and musicians love CEntrance products.
The website features a community section where artists such as Bert Lams of the California Guitar Trio, Kenny Lee Lewis, guitarist with the Steve Miller Band, Adam Nitty, a Nashville Session Ace and Bob Daspit, a noted guitarist, producer & composer, discuss their experiences with CEntrance products.
AxePort Video Contest:
To demonstrate the ease of use of AxePort Pro, CEntrance has launched a Video Contest. AxePort users enter to win a cash prize for making a better video than the mock video featured on the CEntrance website. The under 2-minute videos are to be posted on YouTube and a link sent to CEntrance at contest@centrance.com with entry information. CEntrance staff members will vote on the best and award the cash prize.
With the new website, CEntrance also redesigned the Licensing section, announcing availability of 64-bit Vista drivers for all popular FireWire and USB platforms and a number of reference designs for our OEM customers. CEntrance licensed its de-facto standard USB DAC design to Benchmark, Lavry, Empirical, BelCanto, Ultra-Fi, and many other brands, and welcomes new product development engagements.
About CEntrance, Inc.
Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops cutting-edge audio and entertainment products and is known for its co-development work with Benchmark, Korg, Mackie, Waves and others. Our MicPort Pro transforms any microphone into a USB mic. Our AxePort Pro brings professional quality recording within reach of every guitar and bass player. Both offer 24-bit/96kHz quality and a loud headphone output. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide.
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