Flexible Compressor Plug-In

de la mancha release sidearm      09/03/09

Flexible Compressor Plug-In

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de la mancha tell us that their new sidearm is a very flexible compressor with many options to tweak the sidechain signal for very precise control. Here's all the details directly from the company...
It can perform downwards, upwards and parallel compression and limiting, in peak or RMS flavours and with lookahead if you want it. But the sidechain control is where sidearm really gets to business. Whether you choose an internal sidechain or an external audio source, you can modify the sidechain audio with a multi-mode, adjustable-slope filter (up to 96 dB/octave) and adjust the mid/side, stereo balance and gain. You can also gate the control signal so it only kicks in above a certain level. This brings a level of control that will allow you to define exactly when the compressor kicks in, by isolating specific frequencies, stereo positions and volume levels in the sidechain. There is even a 'sidechain listen' option so you can hear what the compressor hears in the sidechain.
Example uses could be to isolate a kick sound in a loop with a LP filter and 100% mid signal, so the compressor ducks the bass channel every kick. You can create an effective de-esser by isolating sibilance with a steep BP filter, so the compressor reduces volume at these points. The gain and gate are useful to create fast and choppy drum compression and also useful for controlling upwards compression triggers. The mix control allows mighty parallel compression, with no phasing between the wet and dry signals, for an unbeatable combination of compressed drums and preserved transients.
Not to miss out the other options that include linked/unlinked stereo detection, brickwall limiter, super fast attack and release with low frequency distortion cleaning and it just wouldn't be a de la Mancha plugin without a dirt knob. It also has stereo level, peak and reduction metering with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Multi-function compressor with tweakable sidechain and comprehensive metering
  • Flexible controls allow use as a compressor, limiter or maximiser
  • Sidechain signal can be filtered, adjusted for mid/side, stereo balance and gain for precise triggering
  • Internal or external sidechain routing
  • 6 mode filter (LP, HP, BP, notch, peak a & b) adjustable from 12 to 96 dB/Octave to isolate frequencies in the sidechain
  • Sidechain listen option – you hear what the compressor detects in the sidechain
  • Wet/Dry mix control allows blending of dry uncompressed signal for NY style parallel compression
  • Dirt knob adds saturation for subtle flavour or full-on filth
  • Attack / Release curve can be linear or non-linear
  • Stereo input detection can be linked or unlinked, with max or average level detection
  • Distortion 'cleaning' option for very short release times
  • Input detection can be Peak or RMS level with adjustable window
  • Optional limiting on final output
  • Look-ahead defined by user in ms
  • Metering for each band and combined output, covers stereo input, output and gain reduction with adjustable sensitivity. All meters show actual and peak levels
  • Presets covering all functions and many configurations
Pricing and Availability:
$20 introductory price until 31 March 2009. Normal price will be $29
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