Podcast: Sonic TALK120 - All Aboard the Loveboat

US More new Macs, Vince Clarke, Energy-XT DAW, Felt Synths      05/03/09

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56:3 mins

This week, we're on a bit of a diet with a smaller and yet still perfectly formed panel consisting of Rich Hilton back from the Caribbean where he's doing a bit of luxury studio design, now back into the swing of things with Nile Rodgers where he pilots the studio, also Dave Spiers who's spent the morning lugging heavy items of gear around to make room for the new Chamberlin four manual and other tasty goodies for his studio. After a quick mention of the new Macs and the i7 processor, we play a burst of the them from the Loveboat in honour of PJ Tracy who's enjoying a late honeymoon on a cruise. Then we start out with a Vince Clarke interview in UK free paper Metro, a quick chat about the international public unveiling of the Roland V-Piano in Bristol, next we discuss the Energy-XT small footprint DAW for Mac/PC and Linux and what a good DAW should be. Then we come clean about our most unwise or disappointing studio purchase, then we put on our thinking caps to try and help out Portishead figure out how to sell their music in the future, the Pul(SEW)iidth felt synths and finally this week's tumbleweed moment is instigated by Nick when we attempt to discuss the Andre Michelle AS3 flash Karplus Strong guitar synth. Remember you can follow us on Twitter - the handle sonicnick Remember... Join Us Live!
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