WNAMM09: New Version Of DAW

XT Software Launches energyXT 2.5      29/01/09

WNAMM09: New Version Of DAW

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XT Software has announced the launch of energyXT 2.5. Here's all the details directly from their press release...
energyXT 2.5, the Ultra-Portable Music Production and Recording Software, opens in mere seconds from a thumb drive that can be transported from computer to computer -- even between Windows (including Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems. energyXT2.5 is a compact, easy to learn and use "Studio On-the-Go." You can take it and your project files to a friend's house, or to a professional recording studio on the USB drive. You can even multi-track export your recording from energyXT2.5 to all other DAWs.
A complete music studio
energyXT has all the tools and features you need in one complete Digital Audio Workstation. With energyXT you can record your guitar, vocal or synthesizer, edit your tracks with a plethora of professional features and mix the resulting tracks with onboard, state-of-the-art digital effects. energyXT allows you to take your music from concept to a high-quality finished masterpiece you can store, play and share.
Easy to use
energyXT is designed to make music creation easy. Built for musicians by musicians, energyXT is easy to install, easy to understand and, most importantly, is designed to support your creativity. So intuitive you'll be up and running in no time at all, right out-of-the-box! Put simply, energyXT unleashes your creativity, letting your music flow.
Great sound faster
Not only is energyXT easy to use, the program opens in a split second -- even from a USB flash drive. So, instead of waiting for modules and menus, you can track your musical idea before it vanishes into thin air. energyXT allows you to create high-quality music in the shortest amount of time. Top-quality sound and speed -- with energyXT you can Create Music Now!
HÃ¥vard K. Bjor, the CEO of XT Software says "Our objective is to make music software products that put the musician in the center, and give the best possible opportunity for creative music creation. I believe energyXT 2.5 is many steps further in this direction. Easier music project cooperation through this ultra portable DAW is one point to emphasize."
Boxed Version
XT Software is happy to announce that energyXT will be available for retail. The energyXT 2.5 Boxed Version will be available all around the world in local music instrument stores. The Boxed Version will include an extra high speed USB Drive, installation CD, a multi language Quick Start Guide and an electronic user manual. Two levels of the Boxed version are available. The Plus version includes ReWire-Energizer function support -- it neatly hosts and controls ReWire compatible applications such as Reason and Ableton Live. It also includes a 2GB extra high speed USB flash drive.
Jørgen Aase, founder and CTO of XT Software states, "energyXT 2.5 is based on extensive user feedback, while maintaining a simple design. The main objective has been to make a DAW that's easy to use and has the right features to develop a desire to create and produce music among the users. Designed for musicians and songwriters in mind, creating music on your computer has never been easier, faster or more fun..." New in energyXT 2.5:
The development of energyXT 2.5 reflects the ideology of XT Software of easier software to use, but with the functionality needed for high level music production.
    Welcome/New project
    • Welcome screen with project templates will show by default when you start energyXT. The same window will also show when you select «New project» from file menu.
    • Graphical view of equalizer
    • «Quick add» buttons for adding insert and send effects
    • New mixer view with collapsable eq and effects sections
    • Loop button moved to main transporter
    • «Quick add» button for adding new track with Synthesizer, Drum kits and audio tracks.
    • Fade in/out property of audio clip in object-bar
    • Audio processing: normalize, delete, trim, fade in/out, reverse
    • Beatslice & autoslice audio
    • Crossfade 2 audio clips
    • mp3 import/export (require lame executable, not lame_enc.dll)
    • New easy view with preset browser and quick params for filter and effects
    • 32 factory presets
    Drum sampler
    • New Easy view with drum pads
    • Full implementation of eq, send and insert effects on each drum
    • Factory drum kit
    • new bit crusher
    • new multi-mode filter
    • new compressor
    • new guitar amp
    • new tutorials on web
    • new Quick Start Guide
    • new User Manual
About XT Software
XT Software is a multimedia company delivering true community-based music software. Founded in 2006, the company puts the needs of the musician in focus. The main product of the company is the award winning DAW energyXT, which was first released in 2003. The company is based in Oslo, Norway, and sells products worldwide through web, partners and retail.
Pricing and Availability:
Download version € 59
Boxed Standard Version including extra high speed thumb drive: €89/$99.99
Boxed Plus Version including extra high speed thumb drive and ReWire Energizer: €129/$149.99
energyXT 2.5 download version is available at an introductory price of €49 through January 2009. Normal price is €59.
All users of energyXT2 will get the upgrade to energyXT2.5 for free. It will be available through the download page.
More information:

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