WNAMM09: Sounds For Scoring

Sonic Reality announces Cinema Sessions for the Infinite Player      23/01/09

WNAMM09: Sounds For Scoring

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Sonic Reality has announced Cinema Sessions sound collections for their Infinite Player plug-in. Here's the details that they have sent us:
Cinema Sessions Vol.1-3 have sought after moods, soundscapes, textures, special effects, exotic ambience, wild symphonic performances and other sounds needed for film, tv and game production. From climbing chaotic symphonies in the style of 'A Day In The Life' to eerie movie scenes of encounters with aliens from another planet, from ethnic tribal percussion to exotic vocal chants, from 3 dimensional wooshes and zings to musical stabs and effects that jump out at you, Cinema Sessions have those key elements that composers, sound designers and producers are looking for to make any project sound incredible and as if there was a massive budget for music and effects. Combined with The Serafine Collection and FX Tron, sound effects collecions by Frank Serafine created for Sonic Reality‚s Infinite Player plug-in powered by Kontakt, together they represent the largest and most diverse virtual instrument dedicated to music and sound effects ever created.
Symphonic Effects contains over 400 orchestral effects for film, tv, games and popular music styles. From scifi/suspence/horror hits, drones and intertwining melodies to emotional build-ups this collection offers a wide assortment of hard to find symphonic effects you can use in stereo or surround for the ultimate experience.
Global Atmospheres contains over 350 samples of exotic sounds from all over the world. From tribal Native American drums to Ancient Aztec Ambience to rare sounds from the Mediterranean this collection is a must-have for any media producer, sound designer or music composer.
Dimensional Effects features over 450 outstanding special effects and dimensional rhythms for music and multimedia production. Featuring special 3-D sound encoded wooshes, deep booms, big bangs and various electronica effects wiz by with a futuristic sound ideal for modern production.
Pricing and Availability:
Availability: Q2, 2009 More information and demos:

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